Smart Structures in Aerospace and Aviation

The following is taken from the n-tech Research Report, “Smart Structures in Aerospace: Market Opportunities: 2016-2025” 


Executives in the aerospace and defense sector are expecting 2016 to be a good year with around 3% revenue growth.  While this is hardly suggests a boom, it is much better than we have seen in this industry for a few years and should provide the confidence for the aerospace industry to fund projects in smart materials in general and smart structures in particular.

In addition to the good news about the underlying addressable market for smart aerospace structures, what we are seeing is a growing role in the aerospace industry for this kind of intelligence.  This is encouraged by the focus on comfort and safety in the latest generations of airliners and executive jets as well as in the need for constant monitoring and reconfiguration on unmanned vehicles.  In the table below we show how the smart structure market is expected to evolve in the aerospace market over the next decade.

As n-tech sees it a number of factors will continue to shape this market with a few being pre-eminent.  In particular, we believe that entirely different growth scenarios for smart structures will emerge depending on whether or not the skepticism that now exists in some segments of the aerospace industry can be dispelled.

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Smart Structures in Aerospace: Market Opportunities: 2016-2025

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