n-tech Research Predicts Market for Metamaterials will Reach over $1.0 by 2021

Glen Allen, Virginia:  Industry analyst firm n-tech Research today announced the release of a new report titled “Metamaterials Markets:  2016-2025” that states that the market for metamaterials used for communications, medicine, defense, aerospace, sensing and other applications will exceed $1.0 billion by 2021 and reach $4.1 billion by 2025.

Details about the report are available at:

This is the latest deliverable from n-tech’s smart materials research program.  Other n-tech reports from 2015 have covered smart windows, smart coatings, smart surfaces, self-healing materials, self-cleaning materials, smart antimicrobials, hydrophobic materials, color-shifting coatings and smart textiles. n-tech has provided information for the smart materials business for over six years.

About the report:

n-tech believes that recent successes of Kymeta and other smaller companies suggest the efforts of technologists to solve metamaterials’ technical problems are bearing fruit.  Government agencies continue to dominate metamaterials funding, but venture capitalists are now taking an interest and metamaterials are now also refocusing on large addressable markets such as consumer electronics and medical imaging. 

n-tech therefore believes that there is an opportunity to turn metamaterials into a real business with profits for both start-ups and multinational materials and electronics firms. There are many accessible patents in the metamaterials space which we believe will also help to facilitate growth in this area.

With this in mind, n-tech is publishing this report which identifies the current and future commercial potential of metamaterials.  Most of today’s activity is in the area of electromagnetic metamaterials, but this report also analyzes the future markets for terahertz, tunable, optical, non-linear and frequency-selective surface (FSS) metamaterials. 

The new study also contains detailed ten-year market forecasts of metamaterials in revenue and volume terms with breakouts by type of metamaterials, as well as the end-user sector in which they are sold.  These forecasts identify actual commercial activity, not just government investments which are often included in revenues by metamaterials from other industry analyst firms.

Also included is coverage of the product/market strategies of leading firms in this sector including:  Airbus, Alcatel-Lucent, BMW, Boeing, Echodyne, Eureka, Evolve, Fractal Antenna Systems, Harris, Honeywell, HP, Kymeta, Kyocera, Labcraft, Lamda Guard, Lamda Lux, LG, Lockheed Martin, Mediwise, Metamaterials Technologies, Murata, Nano meta, NEC, NED, Netgear, Philips, Rayspan, Raytheon, Samsung, Sharp
TE Connectivity, Toyota, Vacuumschmelze and Xerox.


Today almost 95 percent of the revenues in the metamaterials space comes from electromagnetic metamaterials.  However, the commercial success of electromagnetic metamaterials will result in increased funding for other metamaterials.  For example, photonic metamaterials, although a tiny market now will reach $500 million in 2025 with sales to telecommunications, display and defense markets.  Photonic metamaterials will become a key enabler making photonic communications almost as ubiquitous as electromagnetic communications is today, through reduction of size, weight, and complexity of optical systems. 

Although the focus of metamaterials R&D has been on aerospace and defense, this R&D will not yield significant revenues until after 2019– by 2021 revenues from metamaterials for aerospace and defense will reach almost $490 million.  Most of these revenues will come from antennas for advanced satellite and wireless communications.  “Cloaking devices” which made metamaterials so famous in the past, will remain futuristic. 

About n-tech:

n-tech Research is the rebrand of NanoMarkets.  Our firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts in smart materials.  Visit for a full listing of the firm's reports and other services.


Robert Nolan
n-tech Research
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